Friday, December 3, 2010

Fashion a Luxury?????

Did luxury really lose its luster? Well if you asked me a few months ago I would say no, but today after reading Deluxe my answer is YES!!! Before I start rambling off about this book, I want to give a special thanks to my friend Dipti (a.k.a Dipu), I have always said that she should start a blog of her own because of her extensive knowledge of all things fashion related and still think she should, well like many things she has introduced me to, this book was given to me by her as well and it has changed my entire outlook on fashion and labels. Like many young girls out there I was label-obsessed, as long as it had a high-end brand tagged on the back of my clothing or in front of my bag; I knew it had to be made of the finest materials around. Well was I wrong, those days long gone with the designers who the labels are created after.  This is the era of business-men not designers, the bags and clothes you love so dear are mass produced in factories in countries like China and India. There is no longer hand-made craftsmanship and attention to detail. They sell you the dream of luxury which was created long before your time. It’s like buying pretzels for the price of caviar. Don’t get me wrong, there are still a few brands out there that take pride in their work and sell you the highest quality product, but it’s a dying breed. I’m not saying boycott all designer brands, atleast I’m not planning on it anytime soon but all I’m saying is that fashion is not a luxury (yes I know it was Sarah Jessica Parker’s slogan for Bitten lol). Fashion can be found anywhere from Wal-Mart to Valentino, it’s up to the person to find it!!!


  1. Thank you Kristy!!!...see, you are actually able to create and flourish while I just thought about it so credit is all yours :-)
    love that we have same interest in reading about fashion journalism, hope to pick up some more books during X-mas break....maybe your readers can suggest some great fashion reads!? can't wait to hangout with u tomm!

  2. first of, thank you so much for your comment! it really made me smile =) and yes, i believe fashion is truly everywhere and luxury doesn't always translate to fashion. :) gorgeous earrings and pendant btw!!

    feel free to follow my blog as well!


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  4. love your blog